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The following are links to sites that I like or find useful ... if your site is listed below and you would like it removed from the list, just send me an email and I'll be more than happy to do so. If you would like your site added to the list, send me a link and I'll check it out. For a site to qualify as "cool" to me it has to have plenty of content, be updated fairly regularly and be pretty good design-wise ... so it's nothing personal ;)

Crested Gecko Links

:: Forums & Classifieds

> Pangea Forums *my personal favorite*
> Kingsnake Crested Gecko Forum
> Kingsnake Gecko Classifieds
> Geckophile Crested Gecko Forum
> Geckophile Gecko Classifieds
> Ciliatus Forums
> Alex Hue Reptiles Forums
> Fauna Classifieds

:: Crested Breeder Sites

> Pangea Reptile
> Gorgeous Gecko
> CrestedGeckos.de
> Sundial Reptile
> Anthony Caponetto Reptiles
> Cicada Hollow Crested Geckos
> Cook Reptiles
> Ryan Turnquist Reptiles
> Erik's Reptiles
> Sticky Toe Gecko

Waxy Monkey Frog Links

:: Forums, Groups & Classifieds

> Phyllomedusa Yahoo Group
> Kingsnake Treefrogs Forum
> Kingsnake Frog Classifieds

:: Waxy Monkey Frog Breeders & Sites with Info

> Mascarino
> Sandfire Dragon Ranch

> Monkeyfrog.com
> BGSU Care Sheet
> Detailed Article on the Gran Chaco

Newt Links

:: Forums

> Caudata *my personal favorite*
> Kingsnake Salamander & Newt Forum

Miscellaneous Links

:: CSS Play (website development)